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What is an Affiliate Link?

what is an affiliate linkQuestion: You write “(affiliate link)” after some of your links, but what is an affiliate link?

Answer (and disclaimer): An affiliate link is a link to a product or service that I recommend. And if you follow my link and make a purchase I’ll earn a commission. Making a purchase through one of my links doesn’t add to your cost – in fact whenever possible I’ll get a discount for my readers.

I only recommend products and services that I’ve personally used an found valuable, unless I clearly state something else. I haven’t received any free products or services for recommending any product or service and I don’t do payed reviews. My integrity is more important than short term financial gain. Both because my business is helping people which only is possible if people trust me and also simply because I care.

You can recognize the affiliate links on this site by the fact that they all start with websitefromscratch.org/recommends/. You’ll see the link destination down in the left corner of your browser if you hover over a link with your mouse. Here is a link to Hostgator (affiliate link) you can use to test it. Besides I’ll make sure to tell you either right after the link or at the top of the page if there are many links on that specific page.

So why should you use my affiliate links? Because I’d really appreciate it :). I’ve put a lot of time and effort into making this site the best possible resource for people who wants to know how to create a website from scratch and turn it into a customer magnet. So if you found it helpful you can pay me back by using my links whenever you are buying a product or service anyway that I happen to recommend. Thanks in advance – I really appreciate your support :).