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iPage Complaints – An Honest iPage Hosting Review By a Former Customer

ipage complaints - ipage hosting reviewI’m not an iPage customer anymore and in this iPage hosting review you’ll find out why.

A few years ago, when I set out to make the first website on my own, I obviously needed a webhost.

So I did a little research in Google, searching for things like “cheapest hosting”, “best hosting company” etc. And in the different top ten lists I came across I noticed a few companies showing up several times.

iPage was one of them and since it was the cheapest of the repeating companies, that’s what I ended up going with.

The iPage Scam

I didn’t know that the sites listing hosting companies were affiliates and probably were more interested in making money than helping me find a good hosting company.

Turns out that iPage has a very lucrative affiliate program and that’s probably the main reason it was featured. Those lists were a scam in my book. They led me believe they were listing the best hosting companies, when in fact they were listing the most lucrative affiliate deals… Oh well, live and learn.

My iPage Complaints

So I signed up and started making my website. And everything was going just fine, until one day when I was going to work on the website. I typed in the address only to get an error message, telling me the website was unavailable.

I still remember how that made me feel. I was new to making websites and a little uncertain about how things worked. And I literally didn’t have a clue about what was wrong, what to do and what the consequences were. So I felt both lost and helpless.

But I pulled myself together and contacted the iPage chat support and they told me it was an internal error on one of their servers and that they had their service team working on it.

I was relieved to hear that answer. Sure, I lost some traffic and income, but accidents happen and I felt they were taking care of the issue.


But the website was down again only a couple of days later. This time I headed directly over to the support and got a similar message.

And that kept happening several times each month. I can’t tell you how frustrating it was. I was constantly worrying about whether my website was up or not and there wasn’t much I could do about it.

Sometimes when I didn’t go directly to support, the website was down for hours and hours. And no matter when I talked to them I always got the message that they were aware of the problem and that the service team was working on it. Even one time when I told them within seconds of my sites going offline – pretty suspicious…


Being that much in contact with their support team it quickly became obvious that most of the conversation was copy and paste answers from them, since they would use the exact same wording every time.

And when it came to specifics and just a little bit technical questions they would always ask me to hold for a few minutes and even then the answers weren’t always that helpful.

I’ve later learned that their support is outsources to team in India that supports several hosting companies. And that the members of support team doesn’t even use their own names when interacting with customers…


While I guess I can’t complain about the initial price (I believe I paid around $4 per month), the total cost of having my website hosted by iPage turned out to be considerably higher than if I had gone with a more expensive, but reliable host from the start.

First of all I lost potential income during the ongoing downtime of my websites. And I ended up moving to another host, before the time I had paid for was up. Making the actual price per month much higher. But the biggest lost was without a doubt the time and energy I spend on the never ending problems I had with my website being down.

But I finally asked a few friends for a recommendation on a good hosting company and moved my websites. It was annoying and a hassle to move websites, when I’d rather spend the improving my websites instead. But I’m really happy I did because I haven’t had any problems since.

iPage Review Verdict

The conclusion on this iPage webhosting review is that iPage sucks.

Don’t let their low price and the fact that they are recommended by affiliate sites (who care more about making money than helping people) trick you into signing up with them.

Find a good and reliable host instead and pay a few extra dollars per month if that’s what it takes.

The hosting company I moved to is Hostgator (affilate link). Yes that’s also an affiliate link, but I only recommend them because I personally host my websites there and am very pleased with their product and service (see my article about affiliate links for more information).

If you would like to see how to setup and use Hostgator, then check out my guide on how to set up your own website.