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How to Reserve a Domain Name Without Hosting

how to reserve a domain name without hostingFound the perfect name for a future website, but don’t have the time to start the project yet? Then you need to know how to reserve a domain name without hosting.

You don’t need hosting if you don’t plan to make a website yet. The reason is that reserving a domain just gives you the rights to the name and hosting is only needed once you want to make an actual website (since hosting is used to store the files that constitute your website and make them available on the internet).

Before we proceed you should know that it isn’t possible to reserve a domain name for free. And I actually think that’s a good thing. Because if you could reserve domain names for free it would probably be even harder to find a good domain name.

How do I Reserve a Domain Name

The first thing you need to do is to find a domain registrar, that will let you buy domain names without hosting. I personally use and recommend Namecheap (affiliate link) – because they offer cheap domains, the features you need and good service.

Then you need to make sure that the domain you want is available. You can check the availability at Namecheap (affiliate link).

And last but not least, you have to register the chosen URL. See my how to register domain name guide for details. And remember to use the latest Namecheap coupon codes to get a discount.

That’s all there is to reserving a domain name. And when the time comes to turn your idea into reality I’d love to show you how to make your own website from scratch.

How to Reserve Domain Name - FAQ

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