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How to Register a Domain Name Yourself

how to register a domain name yourselfIn this article you’ll learn how to register a domain name yourself, but if you haven’t already read my article about how to choose a good domain name I highly recommend starting there.

When people ask me how to buy a URL and where to get it I always send them over to Namecheap (affiliate link). That’s the domain registrar I personally use because the price is right and the service is good.

How to Buy a Website Domain Name

So head over to Namecheap (affiliate link) and enter the domain name you want in the big box in the middle of the page that looks like this:

how do you register a domain name


If your chosen domain name isn’t available you’ll get this message:

buying a website domain


In that case you can either look for another domain extension below, pick one of the suggestions they present or simply type in another domain name in the box.

When you find an available domain name you’ll get this message:

how to buy a web domain


Make sure to select the domain extension(s) that you want below and click the “ADD TO CART” button.

On the next page you’ll see an overview of your shopping cart. You don’t really need to do anything there except to double check that you’ve got the domain(s) you want.

However if you’d like a discount you can type in the latest Namecheap coupon code (follow the link to see what it is this month) in the box on the right side of the screen that looks like this:

how do you buy a domain name


When you do that you’ll get the following error message that tells you that you need to be logged in, in order to apply the coupon:

how do i buy a domain name


Simply log in if you already have an account or otherwise just create one. Once you are logged in you will be able to apply the coupon again and you should get a confirmation that tells you that the discount has been applied and the price should also update automatically. If everything went according to plan, just hit the “CHECKOUT >>” button to continue (the express checkout function only works for returning customers who already typed in all the needed information).

On the Address page just fill out your contact information and hit the “NEXT STEP >>” or the “Save and Continue” button.

Next it’s time to look at the Settings. You don’t have to change anything here, but if you don’t want to pay for WhoisGuard (hiding your contact information) after the free first year go ahead and change it to “Don’t renew automatically” (the price is $2.88 per year as I’m writting this). And you can always change it later.

And if you already have a hosting account you can choose to “Use Custom Name Servers”, but if you are following my how to make a website from scratch guide just leave it the way it is and we’ll change it after you’ve got your hosting account set up.

Proceed to the the Payment page when you are done, choose your preferred method of payment and pay. That’s it, you are now the (proud?) owner of your very own domain name :).

Now that you know how to register a website name and hopefully also managed to do so, you are ready to set up your hosting account.

How to Buy a Domain Name – FAQ

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