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How to Add Plugins to WordPress

how to add plugins to wordpress

In this article I’ll show you how to add plugins to WordPress. It’s similar to installing WordPress themes, but since most of the plugins you’ll need are free and available from the WordPress directory, I’ll show you how to install plugins directly from the WordPress dashboard (without having to download and upload first).

Find the Plugin You Need

First you need to find the right plugin. I like to look to the WordPress Plugin Directory (even though there is a search function under “Plugins” > “Add New”) or go by recommendation when I’m looking for a new plugin to do a specific job (see the article about my WordPress setup if you want to know which plugins I normally use).

How to Add a Plugin to WordPress

When you have found the plugin you want to install simply go to “Plugins” > “Add New” in the menu inside your WordPress dashboard. Then type in the name of the plugin in the search field and click the “Search Plugins” button.

wordpress download plugin


Find the plugin you were looking for on the screen that appear and click “Install Now”.

install wordpress plugin


Note: Sometimes the search function doesn’t work that well. So if you can’t find it try by searching for the author instead (the creator of the plugin) and if that doesn’t work either, you’ll have to download and upload the plugin just like we did with the themes.

When you click “Install Now” you will see a pop-up asking you something along the lines of “Are you sure you want to install this plugin?”. And once you confirm WordPress will automatically install it for you.

Now all you have to do, is to activate the plugin and possibly change the settings (depends on the plugin). To activate simply click on “Activate Plugin”.

activate wordpress plugin


Depending on the plugin you might have to change the settings of the plugin, and locating the plugin settings page isn’t always easy. Sometimes you can find a link to the plugin settings if you go look at the list of installed plugins (“Plugins” > “Installed Plugins”). If you don’t find a link there you can often find it as a new tab under “Settings” (click or hover to check) or as a new menu item in the WordPress dashboard menu. And check the plugin documentation if everything else fails.

Now you know how to install WordPress plugins. You can go to the front page if you want more information about how to setup your own website.

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