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Wanna Join Me On The “November Crusade”?

November CrusadeI’ve got a challenge for you…

…if you’re up for it?

A challenge that could bring you more traffic, more subscribers and more customers, if you accept.

But as the word “challenge” suggests, it will require some work on your part (there’s no free lunch you know).

The good news however, is that you are guaranteed to “win” if you accept and take action.

Do you want to know what it is?

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How The “Guest Post Result Maximizer” Can Help You Get More Value From Your Guest Posts

Guest Post Result Maximizer

It’s no secret that guest posting is one of the best ways to get lots of free, targeted traffic, fast (which is what you’ll want if you’ve got something to sell or if you want to build an audience).

But writing guest posts takes time and energy (work). And if you are anything like me, you’ll want to make sure you get as much, as humanly possible, out of your efforts.

So the question then becomes “what’s the desired outcome and how can you go about maximizing it?”

Keep reading to find out.

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10 Sites With Free Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use

free royalty free images for commercial useI’ve decided to put together a list of websites with free royalty-free images for commercial use. Simply, because I often get questions along the lines of, “where is the best place to get free images for websites?”.

Let’s face it, the easiest way to get hold of images is just to do an image search in Google. Free images, highly relevant, quick and easy, no problem… …right?


You aren’t allowed to use images from other websites without permission from the owner. And if you do it anyway, you risk all kinds of legal issues down the road (Google have faced several lawsuits just for displaying thumbnails in their search results).

The way to go instead is to use royalty-free photos for commercial use. And if you don’t mind spending about a dollar per image, iStock Photo is a great place to get them.

But if you need a lot of images (for a blog for instance) and don’t want to spend a small fortune on them. Then just use one of the sites below.

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What Is A Website Really? A Useful Website Definition For Entrepreneurs

If you are trying to figure out what a website is and search Google for the answer, then you will probably find a website definition that goes something like this:

A website i a collection of webpages that contain things like text, images and video. Navigation between the these pages is facilitated with hyperlinks. A hyperlink is clickable piece of text or an image that leads to another location on the same page, on another page within the website or on different website all together.

Webpages are written in a language called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and the information is translated and displayed as intended (at least most of the time) through an internet browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Websites are stored on a server that also makes them available on the internet. On and on it goes, blah blah blah…

But that doesn’t really tell you what a website is – that’s just the parts it’s made of.

And that’s about as useful as defining a chocolate cake by it’s ingredients – anybody who have tasted chocolate cake, will tell you that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts :).

So the question becomes: “what is a website really?”

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